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Celebrations of Grace -- 
The Sacraments of the Catholic Church

by Jack Hartjes (Revised from ca. 2000 version)


Table of Contents

Dedication (below)
1. Preface                                     
2. Introduction                                       
Part 1: 3. Celebrations of Grace
          4. Liking the Sacraments
          5. Learning about Sacramental Signs
          6. Celebration and Signs
          7. Sacraments in a World of Grace
          8. Definitions and Misconceptions
Part 2: Thinking about the Sacraments
          9. Thinking about Baptism
          10. Thinking about Confirmation
          11. Thinking about Eucharist
          12. The Blessed Sacrament
          13. Thinking about Reconciliation
          14. Thinking about Anointing of the Sick
          15. Thinking about Matrimony
          16. Thinking about Holy Orders and the Priesthood of the People of God
          17. Church, a Sacrament in a Wider Sense
          18. A Personal Relationship with Jesus, the First Sacrament
          19. Conclusion: Thinking about Going to Church

20. Bibliography



To parishes like St. Paul's Catholic Church in St. Cloud, Minnesota, working to make the liturgy and its sacraments meaningful for the people who celebrate. To the leaders and participants of G.I.F.T., Growing in Faith Together, a whole-parish education program at St. Paul's, whose first topic, back in 1991-92, was "Signs of Our Faith—The Sacraments."

 On to 1, The Preface