In the Region 


Lots of nearby chances to enjoy nature. The “Many Glacier” area of
Glacier National Park has some of the park’s best trails and
wildlife viewing
. You can read about some of them here:

Click on

Take a Hike

to view some of our personal favorites.

Or, check out the Glacier National Park website at

A moose! Mother and baby bear!
A flower on the trail to Iceberg Lake! A mountain goat!

Other Favorite Things to Do

  1. Campfire talks every evening at Many Glacier Campground
  2. Concerts by official Montana Troubador, Jack Gladstone
  3. Hootenannies Sundays at Many Glacier Hotel
  4. Indian dancing Wednesday nights at St. Mary Visitor Center
  5. Rodeo at Hook’s Hideaway north of Babb
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